Licensees' Next Step (on-line refresher course)

Liquor licensing training has been mandatory since 2004. The hospitality sector has seen massive changes since then. For this reason Liquor Consultancy Services in partnership with William Angliss Institute has developed an on-line refresher course. The content is based on the approved VCGLR course "Licensees First Step", and provides similar information that is advantagous for those in management positions within the hospitality sector

The on-line refresher course will take the average person about an hour to complete and can be done in the comfort of your home or business at a time that suits you.

Licensees may also wish to have their site or duty managers undertake this training in order to give them the knowledge and skills to operate venues in a compliant manner, knowing that the on-line course has not had to take them away from their important duties.

This refresher course should (ideally) be undertaken every 3 years in order to stay up to date with law changes and best practice.

The course is live now.  In the meantime, should you require any additional information, please contact us to discuss.

To be re-directed to the William Angliss web site and undertake the course now, click here (62MB)
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As a special introductory rate, Licensees' Next Step is only $65 and upon successful completion, the student will be provided with a certificate of completion.

Please note - Licensees Next Step is NOT a replacement for undertaking new entrant training LICENSEES FIRST STEP.  Completion of the Licensees Next Step will NOT be sufficient to apply for a liquor licence.


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