Corona Virus - opens up liquor licensing opportunities

Restaurants finding it difficult to get customers into their doors may have a new opprtunity to remain viable - take - away / pick - up.

Restaurants that have developed a way to get their fancy meals packaged appropriately now have an opportunity to further expand their customers' choices by the ability to apply for liquor licences that will allow take-away liquor to be ordered with their meals.

The VCGLR has today announced that licensees of restaurants and cafes can apply for an additional temporary licence to allow for the delivery or the pick-up (with meals) of either a bottle of wine, or 6 stubbies of beer or ciders, or 6 containers of pre-mixed spirits per order.

Contact us for further information or to arrange for us to lodge an application for you and your restaurant

From this consultants point of view - it is fantastic that the VCGLR has fast-tracked an opportunity for licensees to continue to trade during this difficult time.

Whilst we have only done a limited number of these already, the reality is that the VCGLRis fast tracking those applications - in record time - that is 24 hours!