Alpine Valley Vigneron's Association

Today the VCGLR Commission has overturned the refusal of a delegate to grant a liquor application for the Alpine Valley Vigneron's Assocation.

It was a good result and we are proud that we were able to assist the association get the licence they sought

20170629-Decision-and-Reasons-for-Decision-Final-Signed.pdf 20170629-Decision-and-Reasons-for-Decision-Final-Signed.pdf (162kB)
Debbie Howie says:
Hi Rob,

Thanks so much for your assistance with the NET course. Your patience and persistence is very much appreciated.

Living remotely adds an extra challenge to complying with the necessary regulations and your webinar has helped immensely in reducing this added pressure.

Thanks again, I imagine our paths will cross again.

Kind regards

Deb says:
Thanks Deb, glad we were able to assist

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