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Corona Virus - opens up liquor licensing opportunities

Cant get customers into your restautrants? - we may just have a new idea that MAY save your business from the Corona Virus

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VCGLR changes the goal posts on catering - but doesn't tell anyone

In 2014, the VCGLR quietly went about changing the way on-premises and Resturant & cafe licensees could use an "off-site catering endorsement" - A section 9(1)(b) and Section 9A(1)(b) authority.

Unfortuantely, the industry didn't know about it.

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I don't know what type of liquor licence I need

This 15 minute video is designed to provide users with an understanding of which one of Victoria's 13 licence types they should operate under.

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Maharaja Palace wins licence variation

After a lengthy process, objections, a win, and then an internal review, the VCGLR today re-affirmed the delegate's decision and granted the variation

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Liquor licence renewals sent out

The VCGLR has just sent out the 2019 liquor licence renewals

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Important changes to liquor licensing laws

Certain laws have today come into effect

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Stonehold Healesville wins internal review

An internal review brought about by a neighbour has been determined by the VCGLR Commission.

Stonehold had applied for an on-premises licence that was granted, before being "appealed" by the neighbour.

Representing the licensee before the Commission, we were able to secure the licensee's licence.

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Alpine Valley Vigneron's Association

Following the refusal of the VCGLR delegate for the refusal of our liquor licence application we've had that decision overturned by the Commission

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Smoking bans - only weeks away

Are you prepared for smoking bans?

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Upcoming changes to the Tobacco Laws - what they mean to licensed premises

Changes to the Victorian Tobacco laws are coming - and they WILL impact on outdoor cafe areas.

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Bootleg Booze Seized from Restaurant

in today's (3/4/17) Herald-Sun, it has been reported  that a well known Melbourne Theatre Restaurant has been manufacturing its own alcohol

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Licensees NEXT step launched

The first liquor licensing on-line refresher course has now been released. Designed to assist licensees, nominees, managers, and those desirous of becoming managers, it gives knowledge and refreshes knowledge to those that have previously undertaken licensee training.

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L&GNSW does away with PAPER RSA Certificates

L&GNSW (Licensing & Gaming NSW) has announced the death of paper RSA & RCG Certificates

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Bondi Liquorland shut for two weeks for selling alcohol to 16-year-old youth

The Liquorland bottle shop at the Eastgate Shopping Centre in Bondi Junction will be closed for 14 days from Monday 5 October 2015 under tough new liquor laws for selling alcohol to minors.

This is the first time a major supermarket chain has been closed for such offences and follows previous closures of the Liquor Stax at Terrigal in September and Royal Hotel in Temora in June.

On Friday 19 June 2015, a 16-year-old was observed purchasing two six packs of beer using a provisional driver’s licence depicting a 22-year-old man that look significantly different, including visual age, hair colour and style and facial structure.

The licence was also expired by four years and had a hole punched through the middle.

The licensee and the employee were each fined $1,100 and the venue incurred a strike under the Three Strikes disciplinary scheme on top of the significant loss of revenue arising from the two week closure. 

Deputy NSW Premier and Minister for Justice and Police Troy Grant said an organisation of this size should know better.

Just a comment from me - its a pity the Victorian Government doesn't follow the same tough standards

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VCGLR appoints new Commissioners

The Andrews Labor Government has wasted little time in replacing Commissioners that were appoiinted previously by the Ted Baileau led State Government.

As is typical with these types of appointments - no one with any apparent experience in the licensed hospitality industry was chosen.

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Don't trade under a vendor's liquor licence

When you purchase a licensed premises, make sure you leave enough time to allow the licence to transfer when scheduling a settlement date.

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End of Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving finishes this weekend - get ready to adjust your clocks and then look at your liquor licence.

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New Licence granted for an old iconic hotel

Congratulations to Darren Fraser on the opening of the historic Provincial Hotel, Ballarat. 

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New Licence for Scooter Restaurant, Wantirna

We have today received a new Annual Renewable Limited Licence for another client

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Required signage

The VCGLR regularly updates the requirement for licensees to display signage inside their licensed premises. This post highlights the latest requirements

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New Year's Eve trading

As we approach the end of the year - licensees should consider whether their trading hours will be sufficient, especially on New Year's Eve. This is a brief run down as provided by the VCGLR

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Amendments to the Liquor Control Reform Act

The Liquor Control Reform Act has been amended, some parts of which impact on some operators of what have historically been licensed premises.

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Narre Warren Police get it wrong

Police at Narre Warren learning liquor licensing today got it wrong. That is in no way a cricticism of the police, it simply highlights that even they get it wrong sometimes. Licensees should be aware of this when making comments to the police (or indeed the VCGLR Compliance Inspectors) about the operations of their businesses.

Don't always assume that you have done the wrong thing - get advice before making any "admissions".

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WA - way ahead of Victoria

W.A. is well ahead of Victoria when it comes to allowing patrons in restaurants to take home unfinished wine.

In Victoria, our laws only allow patrons to consume alcohol actually within the restaurant only. W.A. allows patrons to take home what they don't drink. Sounds like better Responsible Serving of Alcohol to me

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Canned wine - Is this the way to go?

Canned wine? is this the way of the future? tell us your thoughts

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Provisions Valid

South Australia’s controversial Late Night Code has survived a Supreme Court challenge by a group of venue owners, with the judgement ruling that the provisions were valid.  

Attorney-General John Rau welcomed the court's ruling. He said the new regime had resulted in 25 per cent fewer arrests for public drunkenness and a 29 per cent reduction in alcohol-related hospital admissions.

The South Australian government has committed to a review of the Code later this year, giving venue operators and other stakeholders the opportunity to voice ongoing concerns. 

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March 2014

Licensees would probably not be aware that the Victorian Commission for Gambling & Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) has lost its CEO, Jane Brockington, with Catherine Myer placed in the chair in an acting capacity.

Jane was instrumental in the formation of the VCGLR from the merger of the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation and Liquor Licensing Victoria.  We wish her well.

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