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  • The Liquorland bottle shop at the Eastgate Shopping Centre in Bondi Junction will be closed for 14 days from Monday 5 October 2015 under tough new liquor laws for selling alcohol to minors.

    This is the first time a major supermarket chain has been closed for such offences and follows previous closures of the Liquor Stax at Terrigal in September and Royal Hotel in Temora in June.

    On Friday 19 June 2015, a 16-year-old was observed purchasing two six packs of beer using a provisional driver’s licence depicting a 22-year-old man that look significantly different, including visual age, hair colour and style and facial structure.

    The licence was also expired by four years and had a hole punched through the middle.

    The licensee and the employee were each fined $1,100 and the venue incurred a strike under the Three Strikes disciplinary scheme on top of the significant loss of revenue arising from the two week closure. 

    Deputy NSW Premier and Minister for Justice and Police Troy Grant said an organisation of this size should know better.

    Just a comment from me - its a pity the Victorian Government doesn't follow the same tough standards



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