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  • Police at Narre Warren learning liquor licensing today got it wrong. That is in no way a cricticism of the police, it simply highlights that even they get it wrong sometimes. Licensees should be aware of this when making comments to the police (or indeed the VCGLR Compliance Inspectors) about the operations of their businesses.


    Don't always assume that you have done the wrong thing - get advice before making any "admissions".

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We are literally a one-stop-shop when it comes to liquor licensing. We have brought together individual experts all ready to make your liquor licensing and hospitality experience seamless. From planning permit applications, training, building surveyor's reports, liquor licence applications, and right through to VCGLR hearings, we offer every aspect of liquor licensing. 

Our expertise is used extensively by licensees to ensure non-compliance is reduced and that attention by Police and VCGLR Compliance Inspectors is minimised.  We know how the VCGLR licensing system works.

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Access all Areas - Eastland Re-development & the associated restaurant opportunities.

Uploaded 15 July 2014

This episode is with the operator of the Eastland Shopping Centre in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.  Would-be licensees should watch this and get on board what is going to be a $580 million re-development, which will include 10 brand new restaurant sites surrounded by a town square.

If you want to be part of Melbourne east's biggest development - this is a MUST WATCH interview.

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